Throughout the last few years, I‘ve heard that eyelash enhancements are the new boob job.  Meaning that women are now “investing” in procedures and treatments to enhance their eyes by way of fake eyelashes, lash extensions, dyes, and serums.  Longer, thicker, darker, fuller - you may not be born with ‘em, but you can certainly wake up with ‘em!

While I don’t use makeup everyday, I personally feel more put together when my eyebrows are clean (another blog, for another time) and my mascara is on - point. To that end, in order to shorten my routine (see, kids) or enhance my look (see, mama still likes to look cute every once in awhile)  I’ve worn “falsies,” and had lash extensions.

ions. However, I really didn’t enjoy the maintenance and constant upkeep that were required. And most of all I didn’t think they looked “real” or natural. These days, I use an eyelash serum, which provides me with long lashes, but have found they could use a little lift and so I have to spend time curling them to get the look I want.  

Then I found Yumi Lash Lift. A lash curling technique using a keratin protein treatment instead of harsh chemicals.  I am very happy with the results. My eyes really pop, yet the look is so natural.

It’s best to arrive make-up free to save time. The process took about an hour and fifteen minutes, so I recommend listening to a podcast or music as you aren’t really supposed to talk and move your face for much of the time. The aftercare consisted of keeping my eyelashes dry for 48 hours, which honestly, was not as difficult as it may seem.  I washed my hair before my appointment and used a washcloth to wash my face.

Once I was able to get them wet was when I really noticed a difference.  They separated and each individual lash was able to stand out. I am about 8 weeks in and they still look great and am told the “curl” last about 12 weeks, about the lifespan of an eyelash. 

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