The heat and humidity can do a number on your skin. Here is a list of four foods you should be eating during summer to keep your skin hydrated, balanced and glowing.

1. Black Plums
Plums are delicious, healthy and super hydrating. They contain Vitamin C and are also known for boosting the absorption of iron in the body.

2. Litchis
Litchis are not just used for making scrumptious teas, ice creams, and other cold drinks. They also improve immunity, boost digestion and contain anti-fungal properties as well.

3. Mangoes
There is no better way to beat the heat and humidity during summer than having some cold mangoes brought out straight from the fridge. They fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate pimples as well.

4. Watermelons and Cucumbers

They are low in calories, high in hydration, full of antioxidants and serve you with several nitrifying properties.


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