Ormus Myst Face and Body Mist by ISUN
Made from high altitude Colorado spring water, (said to be exceptionally rich in photon (light) super-conducting single atoms of gold, platinum, and other precious metals in a rare liquid state) rose oil, jasmine oil, sacred frankincense oil, and embedded quartz crystal creating a harmonious flow of communication between the body, mind and spirit.
“There is something magical about this product, I’m addicted! I’m blown away by this whole range”. — Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017


ISUN Customized Facial with Hot Stones

Discover ISUN, a hand-crafted, high performance, alchemical skin care line made with organic plant ingredients, kept alive with cold-processing and enhanced with energy techniques. Your skin will thank you!

90 mins. / $130 (reg. $150)

May-ssage Special

A customized massage with Lavender essential oils and hot stones worked in where client would like extra tension worked out.

90 mins. / $130 (reg. $150)

Mother’s Day Spa Package

Let Mom know how much you appreciate her by giving her the gift of relaxation with a spa package that includes the above facial and massage.


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The research isn’t definitive, but this supposition seems to make sense. “Oily skin may fend off wrinkles more easily because it tends to be thicker, which affords more natural protection against sun damage,” says Brandt. Ruthie Harper, an internist in Austin, Texas, ties the phenomenon to hormones. “Women with oily skin may have higher testosterone levels,” she says, “which can help protect against diminished collagen levels and, in turn, wrinkles.” But this is not to say that oil-prone skin doesn’t ever look old. And factors such as sun exposure and smoking speed up the aging process and cause wrinkles, regardless of skin type.
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